USATri 60


Join us March 18th for the Alaska Tri60, Tri60 Relay, Tri30 and Splash n’ Dash race! This is a timed event with the goal is getting as many miles in as you can in a timed duration. Unlike most of Turnagain Training’s races, this race is open to kids & adults, but it is limited to 75 participants total!


ADULTS ONLY – Swim 10 minutes, Bike 30 minutes, Run 20 minutes with a timed 10min T1 & 5min T2

Tri60 Relay

Adults and/or Kids – teams of 2 to 3 (can be a mix of kids and adults, all adults, all kids, etc.)  Swim 10 minutes, Bike 30 minutes, Run 20 minutes with a timed 10min T1 & 5min T2. The Relay sign-up only allows 1person to sign-in but we will take all 3 names at packet pickup and require every team member to have a USAT license.


Ages 10 and up – Swim 5 minutes, Bike 15 minutes, Run 10 minutes with a timed 10min T1 & 5min T2

Indoor Splash n’ Dash

9 and under – Swim 5 minutes, Run 10 minutes in the gymnasium with a 10 minute timed T1


The goal is this series is to have fun in an indoor gym setting in the pool, on spinning bikes and on a treadmill.

USA Triathlon is providing t-shirts, swag bags, goggles, swim caps and finisher medals to EVERY participant! There will also be prizes listed below!

All participants must have a USA Triathlon license or pay ($50/adults, $10/kids) for a one day license fee ($15) in order to race. You will be unable to pick up your bib without your ID. Others are unable to pick up your bib because of this rule.

Kids under 10 are unable to participate in biking because of the limitation of the spinning bike being unable to get small enough for smaller children. Though your child might fit on the bike and be under 10, we will limit it to 10 and up only to keep it even playing rules for all. If you’re 10 year old is unable to fit on the bike, they are encouraged to compete in the Splash n’ Dash!


We highly encourage online sign-up. This race is limited to 75racers total. We will have paper registration at packet pickup ONLY but if registration does not filled up before packet pickup. If the race sells out before packet pickup, there will NOT be paper registration available.


March 15th (5-7pm) at The Alaska Club South

This is a FREE guest day so bring your workout clothes and plan to stay and check out the facilities afterward so you know where you are going on race day morning!

**If you are unable to make packet pick-up, there will be a 2nd chance on race day from 7-8am but it is highly encouraged that you pick-up on March 15th.


Sunday, March 18th, 2018

  • 7am – Alaska Club South opens!
  • 8am – First waves will start! 8 swimmers approx. every 10 minutes (SEE BELOW)
  • 11:30am – AWARDS, prizes and snacks!

Race Start Times (Name/Race #) – rows are vertical!:

8:00am  Tri 30 8:07am Tri60 8:20am Splash n’ Dash 8:29am Tri60 8:43am Splash n’ Dash 8:50am Tri60 9:10am Tri60 9:30am Tri60 9:50am Tri60 10:10am Tri60
Addison Eldridge 1 Stacey Ledgewood 6 Chase Eldridge 14 Nicki Holmen 20 Dara Stull 28 Cadence Stull 33 Lea Rueter 41 Teresa Sellers 49 Ron Downey 57 Sandra Lowther 64
Benjamin Ledgewood 2 Nancy Meade 7 Addison Myers 15 Kathy Rumsey 21 Deklan Hadden 29 Jeremiah Eldridge 34 Mari Rueter 42 Michelle Richards 50 Liz Van Patten 58 Paxson Lowther 65
Nicholas Nelson 3 Davina Kinney 8 Timmy Treel 16 Donna Annone 22 Sami Jensen 30 Ellie Mitchell 35 John Wachtel 43 Callie Jones 51 Rachel Stone 59 Emma Haddix 66
Maya Tirpack 4 Victoria Oxentenko 9 Keena Bennett 17 Maryjane Hadaway 23 Freya Jensen 31 Diana Evans 36 Lindsey Holmes 44 Nicole Allen 52 Lea Filippi 60 Shawna Arend 67
Ireland Selby 5 Audrey Preston 10 Tui Stanbury 18 Kiley Glazier 24 Claudia Rector 32 Erin Freel 37 Paige Nelson 45 Terri Dreeszen 53 Kaitlin Mattos 61  Alyssa Sweet 68
Josh Preston 11 Leif Stanbury 19 Paolo Banchero 25 Helen Carroll 38 Terise n’ha Caitriona 46 Holly Boston 54 Eric Adams 62 Ashly Beckes 70
Judy Krier 12 John Horst 26 Maximus Addington 39 Anita Kranich 47 Lesley Chase 55 Renae Bookman 63
Suzanne Fairbanks 13 Paola Kennah 27 Cyndi Addington 40 Svia Rothstein 48 Joseph Lyman 56 Elisa Samuelson 69


  • Swim – there will be 2 swimmers per lane swimming side by side
  • T1 – will be in the upstairs party room so racers will NOT be in the locker room
  • Bike – bikers will be in the upstairs spinning room (ages 10 and up only!)
  • T2 – will be in the upstairs party room so racers will NOT be in the locker room
  • Run – there will be a section of treadmills designated for racers only!


Top 3 winners of Tri60, Tri60 Relay Teams, Tri30 & Splash n’ Dash

Fastest split swim, bike, run for males & females

**Everyone will receive a finishers medal upon finishing the run.


We’re looking for volunteers to help out with lap counting in the pool, bike assistance, run assistance, transition room assistance, and body marking! Want to help out?

Click HERE to volunteer!

Questions with volunteer jobs? Email


Race Questions? Email