Hi Ladies,

Are you a newbie to triathlon and planning to race in the GNT this May? Or are you looking to get the time you have always wanted in the GNT? Either way, I have 2 great options for you!

Option 1: Individualized Coaching 

This is great if you are looking for the personal experience. Heather will check in with you weekly to see how things are going. She with tailor your training plan to meet your lifestyle needs, and she will hold you accountable to your fitness goals, helping you be your most successful you! Click on “Individualized Coaching” to learn more.

Option 2: Pre-establishing Gold Nugget Triathlon Training Plans

This is a pre-made 12week Gold Nugget Triathlon specific plan. By purchasing this, you are buying rights to the training plan, but there is not coaching assistance involved. Included in the plan will be 2-3swim workouts per week, 2-3run workouts per week, and 2-3bike workouts per week. This is ideal for an athlete that is self-motivated and just looking for some guidelines to follow. The plan also includes the Ski 4 Women, Bike 4 Women and Run 4 Women on the calendar in hopes that you will receive the Triple Patch this year!

$50/ 12wk Gold Nugget Triathlon Plans

Email me at Heather.Helzer@turnagaintraining.com if you’d like more information.