Things to Know

Swim – Tri60 athletes will swim 10minutes. Tri30 and Indoor Splash & Dash athletes will swim 5minutes. The swim will start when the timer says go. There will be swim recorders for every lane. Swim recorders will count your last full lap completed. Half laps will not be counted.

T1 – Every athlete will have 10minutes for Transition #1. The transition area is in the upstairs party room. We ask that you do not go into the locker rooms during the race to prevent rushing and slipping on the floors, which means you will be wearing the same outfit for the entire race. If you are doing the Tri60 or Tri30, you will be transitioning to the bike in the spinning room. If you are a Tri60 or Tri30, in your 10minute transition you will need to adjust and get your bike setup and ready for you. If your bike is not setup at the end of the 10minutes, the time it takes you to setup your bike will go into your bike time. If you are doing the Indoor Splash n’ Dash, you will be transitioning to the run in the gymnasium (NOT THE TREADMILLS).

Bike – Tri60 will bike 30minutes. Tri30 will bike 15minutes. Indoor Splash & Dash will NOT BE BIKING. The bike will happen in the spinning room on a spinning bike. You are welcome to change your resistance, stand up, stay seating, do whatever it takes to complete the entire timed duration with as much distance as possible completed.

T2 – Every athlete will have 5minutes to transition from the bike to the run on the treadmills. Again, your transition area will be in the party room only.

Run – Tri60 and Tri30 athletes will be running on the treadmills in the cardio room. Athletes must stay on the treadmill with the belt running for the entire 20minutes. If you need a break you must slow down your treadmill enough that the belt keeps running with the timer still going. Athletes are NOT allowed to stand on the sides of the treadmill while the belt is running and will be disqualified if caught doing so. If you must hit the STOP button, please let the recorder know immediately so we can record your completed distance and add it to your total run distance. Indoor Splash & Dash athletes will be running laps in the gymnasium.


Age Groups – An athlete’s age is determined based on their age as of 12/31 of this year.

Audio Devices – SPECIAL EXCEPTION because indoor setting. Audio devices will be allowed for this race but are not encouraged.

Bibs –  We will not be using bibs for this race but you will have body marking on your hand and arms to determine your race number.

Body Marking – Body marking will be applied at check-in and on the pool deck.  Body markers will mark both arms and right hand.

Communication Plan – Prior to the race, establish a communication plan with your family.

Event Survey – We want to hear about your experience. Shortly after the event, you will receive an email with a link to an online survey that will ask you questions about your participation in the event. The information gathered from this survey will help us continue to provide you with the best possible race experience for future races in the series. Thanks in advance for your participation in this important process.

Hydration – The best hydration strategy for endurance athletes is to maintain focus on staying fully hydrated beginning one week before race day, but good hydration is especially critical for two or three days prior to the race.  Please consider hydration as a key to having your best race and avoiding a visit with the medics! We will have an aid station available with water and Gatorade in the transition area (party room). You are welcome to carry a water bottle with you through out the race as well.

Lifejackets – are allowed for any athlete that needs one. If you are unsure if you can swim the entire length of the pool, wearing a lifejacket is a great choice! Safety first!

Litter – Please remember that we are guests of The Alaska Club… dispose of all trash in proper receptacles and do not leave it behind on the pool side, bikes or treadmills.

Lost & Found – Any items left behind in the transition area, pool, bikes or treadmills will be left at The Alaska Club front desk.

Packet Pickup – March 15th (5-7pm) at The Alaska Club South in the gathering area near  childcare.

Race Transfers – As noted in the waiver that was signed upon completion of registration, race numbers are non-transferable and cannot be transferred from one person to another. Your race number provides us with very important information identifying you. This extends to purposes including our medical team, scoring and timing. Transferring race numbers would compromise these processes severely. We appreciate your cooperation with honoring this important requirement. Thank you for your understanding.

Safety / Medical –  If you need medical assistance during the race, look for race volunteers in that area in bright yellow, or tell another athlete. The race director has basic first aid supplies.

Timing – This race is a set timed event depending on your race, focusing on getting as much distance completed as possible during that set time. There will be timers in the pool, spinning room and near the treadmills announcing when athletes should start and stop. Everyone in your group will move from the swim to the bike to the run all together.

Transition – The transition area is the upstairs party room next to the spinning room. This will be where you leave your biking and running items. It is encouraged that all other items will be left in the locker room, locked up, waiting for you for after the race (change of clothes, your jacket, boots, gear bag, etc.).

USAT Rules – This race follows USAT rules when possible though this race is unlike a USAT outdoor triathlon. If there is a question of the rules, we will resort to the USAT Handbook first, race director second!

Volunteers – Volunteers help support you from the minute you pick up your packet to the time you cross the finish line and beyond. It is vital that all volunteers stay until the end of their shift. Please notify an event coordinator if you need to leave your position early. Volunteers are the key to making our races successful, to the very end! Sign-up HERE:

Wave Starts – Our wave times vary between 8-10am. We will have wave time sign-up at packet pick-up and then will assign wave times to the remaining athletes that do not attend packet pick-up.

Water Temperature –  Service Pool is typically 84-86degrees. No wetsuits are allowed!