Age Groups – An athlete’s age is determined based on their age as of 12/31 of this year.

Audio Devices – No audio devices will be allowed on the course.  If an athlete is found to be wearing an audio device of any kind during their race, the athlete will be removed from the course and disqualified. Smartphones may be used to track the racer’s progress, but at no time shall the athlete wear headphones.

Bibs –  Bibs MUST BE WORN AND VISIBLE FROM THE FRONT during the run only.

Bib Transfers – As noted in the waiver that was signed upon completion of registration, bibs are non-transferable and cannot be transferred from one person to another. Your bib provides us with very important information identifying you. This extends to purposes including our medical team, scoring and timing. Transferring bibs would compromise these processes severely. We appreciate your cooperation with honoring this important requirement. Thank you for your understanding.

Bike Course – The kids course is a .75mile per lap bike course with 2 small downhills and 2 small uphills. The kids will be responsible for counting their laps but volunteers will also be keeping count of laps at the start of every lap. The elite and adults will be racing on a 3.25mile lap course, riding on the shoulder of the road on the way out to the “Welcome to Kincaid” sign and on the multi-use trail on the return to the biathlon course.

Body Marking – Body marking will be applied at check-in near the transition exit.  Depending on the weather, body marking will happen on the arms or hands. If shorts are worn, age will be wrote on the right calve as well.

Communication Plan – Prior to the race, establish a communication plan with your family. Write relevant information with your emergency contact on the back of your child’s bib. It is essential that you have a plan for finding your child post race.

Event Survey – We want to hear about your experience. Shortly after the event, you will receive an email with a link to an online survey that will ask you questions about your participation in the event. The information gathered from this survey will help us continue to provide you with the best possible race experience for future races in the series. Thanks in advance for your participation in this important process.

Hydration – The best hydration strategy for endurance athletes is to maintain focus on staying fully hydrated beginning one week before race day, but good hydration is especially critical for two or three days prior to the race.  Please consider hydration as a key to having your best race and avoiding a visit with the medics! We will have an aid station available with water and Gatorade for racers at the end of the run course and for all finishers at the finish line.

Litter – Please remember that we are guests of the venues that support us.  Litter on the course could jeopardize the life of our events, so please, DO NOT LITTER… dispose of all trash in proper receptacles.

Lost & Found – A Lost & Found will be available at the Check-In Tent located the transition area. Any items retrieved from the course and left in transition will be made available at each of the series races and then up to two weeks after the event. After the two week claim period, items will be donated. Please email to schedule the return for your lost (and found) item.

Run Course – Directional signs, flagging, duct tape arrows, volunteers and staff will be positioned to clearly designate the course, however, IT IS THE ATHLETE’S RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW THE COURSE before beginning their race.  Maps are available online and will be posted at check-in, but will not be printed and distributed to each athlete.

Safety / Medical –  If you need medical assistance during the race, look for race volunteers that will be roaming constantly in bright yellow, or tell another athlete and they will call it out to us as they pass by.

Timing – This race will be electronically timed but results will not be up until we are able to access WiFi. In order to help out race volunteers at the finish line, make sure to have your race number on your arm/hand visible and your race number visible during the run. Results will be posted on Turnagain Training’s website.

Transition – There will be one section of the transition area for KIDS with parents allowed and one section of the transition zone for KIDS WITHOUT PARENTS, YOUTH/JUNIOR ELITE AND ADULTS. You must stay in your area. Understand that the transition zone is small and limited on space so no bags will be allowed, just your running gear!

USAT Rules – This race follows USAT rules. If there is a question of the rules, we will resort to the USAT Handbook!

Volunteers – Volunteers help support you from the minute you pick up your packet to the time you cross the finish line and beyond. It is vital that all volunteers stay until the end of their shift. Please notify an event coordinator if you need to leave your position early. Volunteers are the key to making our races successful, to the very end! Sign-up HERE:

Wave Starts – See the chart on the race page for wave times.