Spring 2019 High Performance Team

Ages 12-19


December 2018!

January-March 2019

Practices will focus on swimming, road biking skills and running

Tuesdays 6-7:30pm

Service High Pool – Run/Swim workout night

Thursdays 6-7:30pm

The Dome – Bike/Run workout night (on trainers – team provides for all athletes)

Sundays 7:30-9:30am

The Dome – Bike/Run/Transition/Core workouts on the track/turf

All athletes are responsible for The Dome entrance fee. Athletes will need to purchase a Dome Membership, punch card or pay daily for The Dome workouts in addition to practice fees.


Summer Team Schedule:

Wednesday’s 7-8:30pm

May 30th-August 1st, 2018

(No practice July 4)



Spring Team Schedule:

Tuesdays   6:30-8pm

Saturday   10:30-12:30pm

March 20-May 19th, 2018


***ONCE YOU JOIN THE TEAM YOU WILL HAVE FULL ACCESS TO THE TEAM CALENDAR WITH THE SPECIFIC TRAINING LOCATIONS. Practice facilities will vary through out the season between Kincaid Park, The Dome, and Bartlett.

MISSION STATEMENT: The goal of this team is increase speed and performance skills in running, biking, and triathlon transitions in preparation for the Summer 2018 triathlon season in a fun and supportive team setting. Additionally, the goal is to prepare athletes for USAT Youth/Junior Elite Cup races and USAT Youth/Junior Elite Nationals.



-To be able to swim a 100/yards in 2:00minutes or less

-To be able to bike a minimum of 14mph continuously for 60minutes

-To be able to run a minimum 8:00minute mile

-Must be able to swim in open water



-A Road Bike (the team owns 2 youth and 1 adult xs road bike that are available to borrow for free – first come first servers basis for season loans)

-A road bike tire changing kit on your bike with CO2, value converter, a spare tube and 2 levers

-Water bottle cage with water bottle at all practices

-Bike shoes


-A wooden bike stand

-Elastic shoelaces in your running shoes

-A race belt



MONDAY & Wednesdays @ Kincaid Park OR THE DOME:

Examples of daily practices:

60min bike drafting ride

10 min transition practice

20min run speed workout


20minutes practicing beach starts & deep water starts

30minute open water swim

10 transition practice

30minute trail run


Capacity 15 (waitlist is will open after 15 with the possibility adding additional assistant coaches)


What’s Included in Joining the Team:

  • 2x Weekly practices
  • Team workout plan for entire season on Training Peaks
  • Summer/Fall Team will get a wetsuit to borrow during open water swim season
  • Athletes will be the opportunity to borrow a trainer, riser and trainer travel bag for the season
  • Athletes will have the opportunity to borrow a team road bike
  • Team synthetic t-shirt
  • Opportunity to purchase team uniforms
  • Discounts and other benefits from our sponsors
  • Free clinics
  • Coaching support at many of the local triathlons
  • 20% off any other Turnagain Training services
  • End of the season party

Interested? Email Heather@TurnagainTraining.com

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