Alaska Splash n’ Dash Race #1 Recap

Alaska Splash n’ Dash Race #1 has a huge success!

Thank you all so much for coming, being understanding about the last minute pivot to the track and to everyone for cheering on the kids. We couldn’t have done it without so many parents that came ready to volunteer in any capacity possible, thank you so much! Huge thanks to Crumbl cookie for their sponsorship, they’ll be at the next 2 races as well! 

Results are up!
Note the drop down “Results Set” for your kids race
Points Standings – COMING SOON!
Turnagain Training Photos – COMING SOON!
Andy Romang Photos – found at the bottom of THIS link!


We added all of the questions we’ve been frequently asking to a page. Let us know if we missed something!

Next race as a way to help eliminate waste, remember to bring your children’s water bottle to refill at the finish line instead of grabbing a paper cup. 

**Race Bibs**
We will give out a NEW bib at every race. We attempted the reuse bibs in the past but there was too much confusion. 

Thanks again families! Look for another email soon with points standings & photo links!

Race #2 registration will close Monday, July 11th at 11:59pm. There is NO race day registration! We will continue to be at Service High, 6-7:15pm start time, and back to our Randy’s Loop trail run. If you have both parents available at the race, please consider signing up to volunteer. Thank you so much. 

Heather Helzer
Race Director

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