RAAWC begins in 3days!

Lacking motivation this Winter?

Struggling to go outdoors in this darkness after work?

The Race Across Alaska Winter Challenge is a 3month challenge to motivate athletes to participate as multi-sport athletes over the 3months…. log as many miles as you can, walking, running, xc skiing, biking or swimming, indoors or outdoors!

Dates: December 21-March 20th

Build a Team! Nothing more motivating then having friends and family helping you work towards a bigger goal as a team!

Refer your friends and get $ back! For every 3 friends you refer with your discount code, we will refund you $15 of your race entry fee back!

Weekly FREE workouts! We will send out a weekly newsletter with top athletes results, tips for training, and a free workout idea to help get your motivated!

SWAG!!! When you sign up, we will ship a long sleeve synthetic shirt and head scarf to your address! Once you finish we will also mail you a bottle opener finisher medal!

Badges! We will send you virtual badges along the way when you reach 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of your race distance, along with a few other bonus badges!

Want to learn more?!?! Head over to www.raawc.com to sign up!

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