Virtual Race Across Alaska Winter Challenge


Looking to stay fit this Winter?

Join our Race Across Alaska Winter Challenge

This is a multi-sport challenge! You can swim, bike, run, or xc ski for miles!

Racers get to choose between 5 distances.

125miles = Anchorage to Seward, AK, that’s 1.4miles/day

225miles = Anchorage to Homer, AK, that’s 2.5miles/day

350miles = Anchorage to Fairbanks, AK, that’s 3.9miles/day

850miles = Anchorage to Deadhorse, AK, that’s 9.5miles/day

2000miles = Ketchikan to Deadhorse, AK, that’s 22.3miles/day

All racers will get a Race Across Alaska Long Sleeve Shirt, Head Scarf when they sign up and a super fun bottle opener medal when they finish the distance they’re signed up for!

Learn more about the race & Sign up HERE!

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