Women’s Spring Triathlon Coaching

8wk GNT Virtual Training Program

Are you ready to make this Spring triathlon season your season yet?

This 8wk course is for female triathletes that are looking to get back into shape through swimming, biking and running lead by a USA Triathlon certified coach.

  • Do you love triathlon?
  • Tired of not being consistent with weekly workout plans?
  • Do you wondering if your doing the right things to train properly for a triathlon?
  • Have you noticed you aren’t achieving your past PR’s?
  • Do you want to get faster, stronger but don’t always do a good job of sticking to the plan?
  • Then our program is for YOU!


Age 10 through adults are welcome! Our program will be available online through TrainingPeaks for the 8weeks PLUS we will meet 3 – Monday nights on Zoom! During the Zoom session we will have breakout time to talk with others about how your workouts are going, issues you are having, and things are doing well. We will also talk about key topics like nutrition, hydration, what to wear on race day, and what to expect on race day in our Zoom sessions.

This course is designed to be motivational and fun! Sign up today and invite a friend to join you.

Meet your Coach:

All 8weeks and 3 Zoom sessions are taught and designed by Coach Heather Helzer, USA Triathlon certified coach.

Heather is a passionate triathlon coach that have been competing in the sport competitively since 2003. Heather became certified in 2015 and started Turnagain Training in 2017 as a way to give youth & junior triathletes more opportunities in Alaska. When Heather is not coaching youth, she enjoys working with the young mom that’s looking to get back into the sport of triathlon, recognizing balance and family as two key components to an athletes success.

Learn more about Heather HERE.

What You’ll Need:

  • Workout clothes
  • Bike (any style is ok!)
  • Trainer
  • Biking shoes (Optional!)
  • Water bottle
  • Running shoes
  • Goggles
  • Swim cap (Optional but encouraged!)
  • Swim suit
  • Positive motivation!


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